Sunday, April 15, 2018

An Introduction and 1d6 Caves

I'm reactivating this blog for OSR content, rather than the GURPS content I originally posted. I don't plan on often posting statlines, however, so it's still system-neutral. Feel free to stick around.

  1. A pitch-black cave, rough-floored but smooth-walled. Ridges and crests of stone like swelling waves. In lamplight, reflectively incandescent in orange; like an evening sunset glinting off billowing clouds. Billow-stone breaks under weight, not worth climbing, but the overhangs offer shade. About forty feet long, twenty feet wide and high, ovoid. No monsters will come here.
  2. Stone-hewn cottage built into one wall of a shadowy fungal field, expanding past lamplight. Glossy black and smoothed. Inhabitants are Dvalinn seeking simpler lifestyle than in the city. Small family and cave cow for burdens. Lava tube, capped by debris on both ends; 300 feet long, 35 feet wide, 20 feet high; cottage 1/3 of the way from end.
  3. High pit cave surrounding a central waterfall, sprinkling glassy beads below. Water is highly acidic; harmful to drink or even to touch. Chalky white stone, pitted and staining; soft. Narrow handholds and platforms carved into the sides, as well as texts and stories- the higher, the newer. Gradually becomes intelligible Common, relating a tale of ascent by generations. 1300 feet high, 25 foot circle, platforms 5 feet wide at max. Branching man-made tunnels connect to nearby caves.
  4. Pit cave; 15 foot wide, irregular opening in the ceiling. Vague crimson glow far below. Functionally bottomless; 90% chance dropped or thrown lights fall out of view. 10% land atop rocks seemingly floating in midair. Actually network of heavy chain, stone, and precious rare wood forming suspended marketplace. Lit by burning lamps and torches, crimson throughout. Deals with devils here; a point metaphysically close to the Nine Hells. Neutral grounds for either side. Bottomless. Irregularly shaped, beanlike; 80 feet across farthest point.
  5. Reflecting pool lit by a single lamp. Bismuth crystal structure wraps round and within, jigsaw of shimmering colors. Bound lightning illuminates; grounded to the pool by thick gauge wire. Arcs and snaps. Bones of dead cave fish on the shore. Nets by the coast side. Like a winding sideways mushroom, pool in the fungal cap; dead end. 35 feet wide and 15 feet deep in the cap, 10 foot wide stem. 10 to 20 feet high.
  6. Green-wreathed limestone, like ivy-tainted paths. Long stretch of bulb-caves along stem. Stream runs down the middle, low but strong. Bioluminescent life in alien forms tucked into damp crevices, blue-green casts over stone. Edible but disgusting. Sound distorted; everything seems to be in your own ear. 60 feet long, 10 feet wide and high. Exits up and down the streams' course; just enough room on either side to lay bedroll. Disturbance may cause you to fall in.

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